Why consign with us?

• Your items reach a large audience through our aggressive advertising online.
• We pay our consignors FAST!
• Items are typically live at auction within 2-4 weeks.
• We offer some of the lowest consignment rates in the industry!
• Our staff is compiled of experts in the auction industry. You can rest assured that your items will be listed with care by a seasoned veteran!
• Your items are fully insured from the moment we receive them until they are in the hands of the buyer!

What we accept:
• Electronics.
• Clothing
• Jewelry authenticated by an appraiser (if applicable)
• Health & Beauty
• Houseware.
• All items that can be classified as general merchandises and sold in retail stores or pharmacies.

If your items do not fall in any of the categories above, please contact us to see if they are acceptable for us.

What we do not accept:
• Items of questionable authenticity
• Low-value items
• Pornographic or erotic material

Please refer to auction policies for further information.

Get started

If you would like to consign with us, please include a completed copy of our consignment list when contacting us.

If you are ready to send your consignment package, please send it (along with a detailed list of the contents) to:

Rhino Bargain
23 Railton Court
London, ON N5V 4Y2

If you have additional questions before consigning, please contact us by e-mail (info@rhinobargain.com)